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We provide High Quality window wrap with Trim Coil 
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Your home’s exterior needs all the help it can get to be fully protected from moisture, sun, and other damage that can happen from being constantly exposed to the outdoors.

While an excellent roofing system and having durable home siding are essential, you also need to protect the seams of your windows and doors from exterior damage. Trim caps and boards protect and embellish the periphery of your windows and doors from water damage by sealing gaps that exist between the opening and the door or window after it’s installed.

Metal Solutions Pro

We trust the James Hardie, Mastic (from Plygem) and the CertainTeed brands for our trim installations. They manufacture both interior and exterior trim that function as self-sufficient seam protectors and as decorative elements to the home. 


HardieTrim™ Boards

The James Hardie brand makes dependable trim that can protect your exterior windows and doors. Their trim also provides a great way to introduce new colors to your home or restore its “new home” look.​​

  • Statement Collection™ is the most popular type of James Hardie® trim product. It’s enhanced with ColorPlus® Technology to ensure a lasting look for years.

  • Dream Collection™ has more than 700 ColorPlus® Technology finishes that are made to order. They come in a wide assortment of trim styles and textures.

  • Primed for Paint trim are prepped for field painting upon purchase. All you have to do is paint them with your favorite color after installation!

CertainTeed PVC Exterior Trim

CertainTeed also manufactures brilliant exterior trim that is made to last.  The brand’s extensive offerings of exterior siding enhance the features of your home and provide a trim option without the rotting, fading, or peeling of natural wood. Here are some of the product types that CertainTeed offers.

  • RESTORATION MILLWORK®: For a serious boost in curb appeal, this gorgeous product line looks natural but is easy to maintain. 

  • CERTATRIM®: Looks like real wood but without the upkeep that natural materials require. 

  • VINYL CARPENTRY®: The economic and low-maintenance vinyl option that still lasts a long time!

Trim Capping

Another Great Option

If you don’t want to fully replace your trim, you can also rescue your existing trim with trip capping. This can add years to your trim’s life and give it a fresh new look. Mastic is another one of our preferred brands that offers both aluminum and vinyl trim capping materials and products.

  • Aluminum Capping: Comes in many textures and colors with a durable and low-maintenance finish. We’ll bend and wrap aluminum trim coils around any existing exterior trim that is in need of repair. Mastic’s aluminum trim capping comes in both smooth and wood grain finishes.

  • Vinyl Capping: Mastic also offers vinyl trim capping as another material alternative. This material doesn’t offer as many color varieties but you can get white, beige, grey, and light brown. You can also choose between matte and gloss finishes to diversify the look a bit more.



  • Lightweight, durable, and won’t rust

  • Stands stout to the weather/climate four-season climates like Canada throw at aluminum

  • Easy to install and repair

  • It will last for at least 40 years (in rural/suburban areas) and 25 years (in marine and industrial areas)

  • Aluminum is a green product, and as mentioned earlier, it is 100 percent recyclable

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